Public Panic

by Steph Copeland

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It is common for established artists in the pop-rock field to later turn to writing for film, but Steph Copeland has taken the reverse route. She has been recognized as a talented composer for film via scores to such movies as Anti Social and The Drownsman, but the classically-trained vocalist now ventures into the electro-pop realm as a solo artist with her debut album Public Panic. Produced, engineered and mixed by Matthew Rideout (Yellow Wood), it was solely written by Copeland. It is lushly-arranged and atmospheric, and tunes vary from keyboards-driven ballads to more aggressive and darker pieces. In a press release, Copeland explains that "Public Panic is about duality, an alter ego and a world that is barraging you to consume and how that plays into the neurosis. It's also rich with love and a sort of healing". A highly promising debut.


released July 8, 2015

All Songs written by Steph Copeland
Produced and Engineered by Matt Rideout at Holy Moly
Mixed by Matt Rideout at Holy Moly and Revolution Recording
Track 10 "Secret" Mixed By Steph Copeland
Mix Assistant at Revolution Recording Riley Bell
Mastered by João Carvalho at João Carvalho Mastering

An OAC Funded Music Production

Copyright and Publishing Steph Copeland - 2015 - SOCAN



all rights reserved


Steph Copeland Toronto, Ontario

Canadian composer and Toronto resident, Steph Copeland broke ground as a producer while touring the U.S west coast and performing hundreds of shows in North America under the pseudonym "Perilelle”.
In 2013, Copeland took on the role of composer for the indie film "Antisocial" which won her nods from critics. The first of 4 film scores she produced in 2013. Copeland continues to compose for film.
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Track Name: Nadia
Nadia walked out into the boulevard/ From her four walls, no backyard
Like she does every midnight/ With her killer, her killer bee buzz, high as a kite
It isn’t sober oh no/ It took her over
It took her down down down down/ Now everything is mine, everything is mine
It took us on/ No sign of dawn
It took her down down down down/ Now everything is mine, everything is mine
Some of us are watching from the sewer/ And the tenants have all gone mad in her tower.
I would watch my feet when I walk downtown if I were you/And I’d play your radio for Nadia underground
Play your radio underground/ Bada un-dada un-day bad-un dada
Track Name: Brick
Couldn't get out of the taxi/ Couldn't get Into the bar
Laying you down in the backseat/ Another saturday night in the car
Falling your way through the front door/ Losing your keys on the lawn
In the same clothes from the day before/ Can't remember if you had fun
Now you're waking up alone/ And the pictures on the phone
Are the only way you know/ How you might have gotten home
And you're feeling kind of sick/ There must be some kind of trick
Hearts as heavy as a brick/ And the fix is never quick
Haven't seen you around for a while now/ Seems like you just disappeared
Staying at home with the blinds down/ Confirming every fear
I saw them breaking your door down/ You wouldn't let them in
Number disconnected, your lights out/ They tried your next of kin
Now you left me all alone/ Won't take any of my calls
Well I guess I should have known/ I can't get through to you at all
If I could do it all again/You know I'l be there 'til the end
When you're pushing me away /Oh I'm just gonna stay
Track Name: Straight In A Heap
Well I sat up straight in a heap/ Couldn't tell the difference from my left or right, awake or sleep.
Water falling out of my head/ Doesn't help at all, they don't take the things that they should keep.
When your love was taken away/ Left grasping in the air like a baby for a bottle feed.
Crawling on my hands and my knees/ Floor becomes the ceiling and the minutes are like centuries

Gold is pouring out of our eyes/ Paving over trouble, the pain I caused and all the lies.
We wait for the old lake to dry/ Walk on where the water was poisoned, where we could have died
Second chances that I've made right/ Are soured by the taste of a past that I can't leave behind.
Never wanted to get high/ If we could have forever and talk about just getting by
Track Name: Machines
You fooled me again/ Like the rest of ‘em
Put me high in a room/ With the rest of ‘em
Force fed me data obscene/ Force fed me what can’t unsee
Hell yeah I’m a machine/ Clothed and clean and nobody

Now my data is obscene when you’re mean to me
Force fed me shit I can’t unsee/ Hell, I’m a machine

Maybe theres something that you know and I don’t/ And you’re sparing me
I’m numb and euphoric, I should thank you for it/ But it’s scaring me
Fork fed me how it’s to be/ Head closed and free trust and believe
Hell yeah the machine
Track Name: Editor
Just unpacked settled in quiet/ When the news of my leaving starts my own riot
Crashed on the floor with the rented Idea/ I could feel comfort without him editing me
I couldn't see the weather I had to feel it on my own/You tried to warn me
When we were together/And now I'm in the middle of a storm
Turned out on the road/This could be complaining
Why do I feel this need to/ Keep on explaining
I'm broke with my addiction/ The ones I can't afford
To try to get past them/I started writing words
This should stay tightly locked up in my mouth
But I open to say a word and this is what spills out
Track Name: Hit Me
I did the damage first / I didn't know how it worked
That we could be about the truth/ Until now, and I'm am losing you
Theres only one way out of this/I'm sorry for what comes with it
All you have to do to is/ Promise me you won't miss

So hit me where it hurts/ Hard enough to burst
Break me in to two/ Just like I did to you
Hit me where it hurts/ Even out the score
I need to hear you say the words/ Say you don't want me anymore

Your silence fills the room/ Your absent words consume me
You've got to make a move/ Ive done all I can do

You know I'll never walk away/ Silent by your side I'll stay
Silent by your side I'll stay/ Shut me down so we can start again
Track Name: Hannah
I've got the world on a noose/ Got that noose around my ankle
I drag it around and its weighing me down/ I try to cut it loose/ But it's just no use
I've got the sun in my hand/ And its burning through my fingers
I can't make a fist and it hurts like the damned/I try to douce the flame/ But it burns all the same
Ive got a curl in the middle of my forehead/ And when I'm good I'm very very good
But when I'm bad/ I'm very very/ Oh when I'm bad/ I've got a curl
I've got a mountain in my mind/ And its giving me headache
I toss and turn at night Its erupting all the time/ I try to think nice thoughts/ But it's just too hot
Shoobeedoobee do be doo doo ooh ooh
Track Name: The Man In The Back
If you've got the money/ She'll be your honey
She'll call you lovey lovey/ Best thing could happen she's walking your way
She likes the pretty dresses/ She likes them expensive
She'll always keep you guessing/ Is she gonna stay?
Don't think twice/ Baby's got a price
If your gonna be her man/ You gotta say you can
She'll play nice/ While you bring the ice
Now that you understand/ You can be her man
(No one left to hold your hand/ You've gotta be a man)
You're looking all alone/ Honey's taken to the road
And she went for all you gold/ Best thing could happen she's walking away
Oh what a sight/ Your fates are aligned
Mr. Right/ But she's got a siren's eye
Your love is a flame/ But she's playing the game
Here comes the knife/ You'll never see her again
Track Name: Highways
Rabbit in your headlights, running through the field/ Come and take your baby away
No I, I won't stay/ Racing down the highway, dear is on your heels/
Better watch the tracks you make/ You better come/ Come for your baby today.
Sitting in the flashlight holding your drinks/ Waiting around to get paid
You better come/ Come get your baby today
I'm at the end of the highway/ I'm not wearing those heels
My feet are killing on the floor/ You better come
Come take your baby away

Sitting on the way home, quiet in the car/ Looking at the skyless stars
All I have to say/ Is, "It's been the longest day."
Not another train ride, one more and it's for free/ You're fifty million stations away
Why were you so far from me? / Why?
Track Name: Secret
The ghosts are all out tonight can't keep them in/ They know my secret
I walked the miles I fought the fight/ And I'll do it again/ You know I'll keep it
The things we all try to find/ We're lost without/Can't go on without
You made me leave it all behind/ And I can't remember/ Who I am without it
I've got a secret / And I'll do it again /You know I'll keep it
Track Name: I'll Never Let You Go
You had me worried for a while back there/ I wasn't sure if we could weather the unfair
With all this sickened we have made ourselves so long/ Shifting forward on a fight to right a wrong.
I tried to fill your cracks in with my words/ They're heavy with a need to heal your wounds
My reaching out did nothing for the moment/ Had to tie my hands and lips, leave you alone.
But I'll never let you go/ I'll never let you go
Something in me has to make it alright/Watch over your heart until your safe inside.
You can push me out the door/ I'll be waiting at the bottom on the floor
'Til you give me a key, or let me inside, so I/ Can look at your face and hold to you tight
I'll never let you go
I wasn't safe enough for you to come home/ But now I think you know where I belong
And If you turn your back away from me again/You'll know that I'll remain until the end